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Comparison of Roomchang’s Prices with Average Australian Dentist Prices

Below is a comparison of Roomchang’s average fee with the Australian nationwide average pricing according to the Australian Dental Association’s survey conducted in 2012. Dental charges in Australia have increased on average 10-25% since then.

All prices are in Australian Dollars at the current exchange rate (1.40 AUD – 1 USD).

ADA CodeDescriptionRoomchang Price USDRoomchang Price AUDAverage Price in Australia
13Oral examination – limitedFreeFree71
14Consultation #2532.5127
22Intraoral periapical or bitewing radiograph – per exposure67.855
37Panoramic radiograph – per exposure1722.1130
71Diagnostic model - per model202697
72Photographic records – intraoralFreeFree70
111Removal of plaque and/or stain20-3026-3998
114Removal of calculus – first visit2026155
141Oral hygiene instructionFreeFree62
161Fissure and/or tooth surface sealing – per tooth1519.582
232Periodontal flap surgery – per tooth or implant100 per quadrant130 per quadrant233.55 per tooth
311Removal of a tooth or part(s) thereof30-8029-104167.46
521Adhesive restoration – one surface – anterior tooth – direct2026140.26
531Adhesive restoration – one surface – posterior tooth – direct2026148.21
582Veneer – direct #50-13065-169326
583Veneer – indirect #550-600650-7801086.88
613Full crown – non-metallic – indirect550-600650-7801400.00-1800.00
615Full crown – veneered – indirect550-600650-7801458.7
618Full crown – metallic – indirect200-250260-3251431.81
625Post and core for crown – indirect5065150
643Bridge pontic – indirect – per pontic200-600260-7801140.69
651Recementing crown or veneer20-3026-39133.02
672Full crown attached to osseointegrated implant – veneered – indirect550-600650-7801733.87
688Insertion of one-stage endosseous implant – per implant120015602116.41
711Complete maxillary denture350-400455-5201197.1
719Complete maxillary and mandibular dentures700-800910-10402091.46
721/733/731Partial maxillary resin300-350390-455902.42
727/728Partial denture - cast framework - 2 teeth350-400490-5601415.5