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Our Dentists

Who we are


We have a close relationship with Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany for dental training, research and development.

Our dentists also participate in international seminars and workshops to be up to date with the ever-changing world of dentistry.

Always be familiar with new products. The latest equipment and the safest procedures, to provide the best long-term outcome for the maximum benefit to you, our patients.

Customer Services

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Our friendly, courteous and smiling receptionists will greet you with a warm welcome and remain at your disposal.They are also available to assist you for non-dental services such as city tours, hotel bookings, visas, and bus and airline tickets. All our receptionists are bi-lingual.

Dental Assistants


All our dental assistants and hygienists are well-trained and follow strict disinfection protocols. All work surfaces are disinfected between patients and instruments are sterilized to the strictest standards using autoclave sterilization (subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam at 134 °C).

Roomchang is a hospital that takes dental hygiene seriously. Our dental assistants speak very good English and some Chinese, meaning that the needs of our customers are never misunderstood.