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Dr. Ke Chenda – DDS, Msc.

General Dentistry

Dr. Ke Chenda – DDS, Msc.

Dr. Ke Chenda is a highly skilled and experienced dentist specializing in General Dentistry, Implantology, orthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry. He completed his Bachelor of Dental Sciences in 2009 and Doctor of Dental Surgery in 2011 at the University of Health Sciences. Recognizing the importance of continuous learning and professional development, Dr. Chenda pursued further education and training to enhance his expertise.

In 2021, he graduated with a Master of Science in Oral Implantology from Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany. This program provided him with advanced knowledge and skills in the field of implant dentistry, enabling him to offer the highest quality implant treatments to his patients.

Dr. Chenda’s commitment to excellence is evident through his participation in various training seminars and courses both locally and internationally. In 2013, he received a certificate of Basic Orthodontic Training for General Practitioners from the College of General Dental Practitioners in Singapore, further expanding his scope of practice. In 2015, he completed a comprehensive training course in Implantology, further honing his skills in this specialized area.

Aside from his professional pursuits, Dr. Chenda is deeply passionate about giving back to the community. He actively participates in charitable missions, providing dental treatment to underserved populations in the countryside. His dedication to serving those in need showcases his compassionate nature and commitment to improving oral health for all.

Currently, Dr. Chenda practices at Roomchang Dental Hospital, where he offers a wide range of dental services. His areas of expertise include General Dentistry, Implantology, and Cosmetic Dentistry. With his extensive training and experience, Dr. Chenda strives to provide the highest standard of care to his patients, ensuring their oral health and overall well-being.

Dr. Ke Chenda 完成的牙科学学士学位和口腔外科医生学位(DDS)在2009年在健康科学大学(金边)。