Roomchang Dental Hospital

Dr. Haing Sivmeng–DDS

Dr. Haing Sivmeng (黄世明牙医)– DDS

Dr. Haing Sivmeng completed his Bachelor of Dental Sciences (BDSc) in 2017 at Hiroshima University, Japan, and Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 2019 at University of Health Sciences, Cambodia. Also he was awarded a certificate of Advanced Dental Implant Training by Dentium Company in 2018.

Clinically during his DDS period, Dr. Sivmeng devoted time at Khmer-Soviet Hospital for his surgical training, and worked at Happy Clinic of One-2-One organization as a volunteer dentist in order to treat underprivileged people especially cleft and pediatric patients. Dr. Sivmeng has engaged in many international dental community projects in Cambodia. He believes this beneficence would improve oral health care situation in Cambodia.

Indeed, Dr. Sivmeng is an Editor of Cambodian Dental Journal (CDJ), an official journal of Cambodian Dental Association (CDA). Also he is a member of International Association of Dental Research (IADR), and Oral and Maxillofacial Pathobiology Department in Hiroshima University. Recently he was awarded the IADR research grant for his cancer research in Cambodia. Previously, he published several papers related to novel oral cancer drug development in the international journals.

Currently, Dr. Sivmeng works as a general dentist in Roomchang Dental Hospital. He is interested in oral pathology, aesthetic and implant dentistry, and tissue regeneration. Confidently, he is committed to offer professional dental care for patients.