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Giving back with a smile

Posted 27th March 2015

Roomchang Dental Hospital

in Phnom Penh visited us in Battambang province recently to provide free dental care for over 160 children who access CCT’s services.

A team of 16 dentists, dental nurses, assistants and even an anaesthetist set up camp in a mobile dental clinic at our Youth Centre for three intensive days. Dental care in Cambodia is too expensive for many of the families we work with, so without Roomchang the children would miss out on treatment.

Mr. You Borin is the Administrative Manager from Roomchang explained the dental procedures they performed while in Battambang province and their experience at CCT.“We provided children with oral health education of how to brush properly and the importance of having a healthy smile. The treatments included dental extraction, scaling, filling, root canal treatment, fissure sealant, and fluoride treatment.”

“We had a great weekend! The manager and CCT team were very welcoming and helpful. The children were a pleasure to treat. They were very patient, well-mannered and all thanked us for the treatment. We really enjoyed our time with CCT and the children and look forward to our next visit.” Roomchang shares the belief with CCT in treating all individuals equally and with a holistic approach. We always appreciate the opportunity to serve in our community especially in the areas where people need it and appreciate it the most. The dentists and clinical staff who volunteer to work with CCT found the experience extremely rewarding and fulfilling,” says you.

We are so grateful for the support Roomchang have provided us by treating children at CCT for the past three years. Without their commitment to children in need we would not be able to provide the same level of high quality care that Roomchang delivers. On behalf of the children and families we work with, thank you.