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Implant Bridges 2.0

A 72 year patient complained of mobility in his lower teeth and unstable pontic bridges shown in (fig. 1)


After consultation and a discussion of the options with his dentist, planning was made for an implant supported bridge on the lower jaw. The upper jaw was to have a removable full upper denture.


All unstable and infected teeth were removed in preparation for the implants. Four Ankylos implants were placed in tooth positions #34, 35, 43, and 45 with Syncone 5 degree abutments to support and retain the bridge (fig. 2). The final cemented bridge is shown in the panoramic x-ray (fig. 3)


The before and after photos (fig 4 and 5) show the results of the treatment of both the full upper denture and the implant supported bridge.


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