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Implant Bridges 1.0

A 62 years old female patient came to Roomchang complaining of mobile upper teeth. She was very unhappy with the current appearance of her teeth, and her smile. Periodontitis was prevalent and her gums were noticeably receding. After discussion of options and treatment planning with the patient the first procedure began.


Treatment started with the extraction of the two front teeth #11 and #21 (fig 1) implants were immediately inserted to replace the missing teeth. (fig 2). Tooth #48 was also extracted (fig. 1). The existing pontic bridges (fig 1) were also removed and two implants put in their place at #35 and #37. Two weeks later two more implants were placed on#46 and #47 (fig 2).

Temporary crowns and bridges were used before permanent bridges and crowns were cemented five months post surgery (fig 2). The results are obvious at the end of treatment and the gums have a much healthier appearance. The patient is very happy and now smiles with confidence (fig 3 and 4).



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