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myplant two Implant Supported Bridges

Natural aesthetics and long term stability.

The myplant two Implant supported bridges are an economical option to single implant placement. Predictable, stable and always looking great.

Ankylos implants are designed for long-term tissue stability preventing bone resopiton while protecting your gums.

Solid reliable and versitile with a lifetime warranty – the safest choice.

Getting an Implant

1st Trip:

1st Appointment:

  • Check-up, Consultation and X-rays (with healthy tissue implants can be immediately placed)

2nd Appointment:

  • Evaluation and removal of sutures 10 days post-op.
  • At least 8 weeks for healing (Osseo-integration of implant)

2nd Trip:

3rd Appointment:

  • Impression for the crown for implant.

4th Appointment:

  • 5-7 days later permanent cementing of crown

* An average time and costing for patient needing implants.

Implant Bridges
ProcedurePrice (USD)
3 Metal Ceramic Crowns on 2 implant bridge with Metal Abutments$4,300
3 E-Max Crowns on 2 implant bridge with Metal Abutments$5,000
3 E-Max Crowns on 2 implant bridge with Zirconium Abutment$5,400

To make an appointment please contact:
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