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Implants & Crowns 3.0

This 40 year old male complained of pain on his upper left tooth #22 (fig. 1). After a consultation treatment was planned with the patient. The bridge was removed from tooth #11-22.


The root canal treatment from was redone to tooth #22 and a zirconium post was placed (fig. 3). An Ankylos implant was placed on #21 with a temporary temporary crown. Two months later a full ceramic E4D crown was permanently cemented.

The 2nd bridge was removed from tooth #36 to 38. Tooth #38 was extracted. Tooth #36 had a root canal treatment. An implant was placed on #37 and capped. After a three month period for the bone to heal a crown was placed.

The patient is very happy with the results. (fig 4)


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