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Implants & Crowns 1.0

This 50 year old male patient complained of pain and that eating had become difficult. He was also not happy with the general appearance of his teeth.  Different options were discussed with the patient and a study model was made showing the expected outcome.

The panoramic X-ray showed an apical cyst at tooth no. #37, this was removed as well as the tooth (fig 1).

Implant & Crown 1.1Implant & Crown 1.2

Two implants were placed at both #37 and #47 this is shown in the panoramic x-ray (fig 2).

E-max crowns were placed on twenty six teeth. The precise placement of the crowns also corrected the patient’s slight open bite of 1.5mm. The resulting change is very aesthetically pleasing. (fig. 3 and 4)

The patient is very happy with his new smile.


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