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The World In Small Handfuls

Posted 8th July, 2013

I recently took a trip to Cambodia from China for my visa (and a bit of fun). I was due for my a dental cleaning so decided I’d rather get my teeth fixed up in Phnom Penh rather than the Middle Kingdom. While I am a fan of acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), I do not feel secure and taken care of in most Chinese medical facilities. Dentists are a whole other story… The few dentists offices I know here in Shangri-la are only because the patient’s chair is smack dab in a main window where everyone passing by can check out your dental procedure. No thank you. I love you China, but you are getting nowhere near my teeth.

My last developing country dentist appointment took place in El Salvador, and it went swimmingly. I decided Cambodia would be my next stop. After thorough research, I set my sights on Roomchang Dental Hospital and never looked back.

After wandering the streets of Phnom Penh I found myself in an air-conditioned, particularly hygienic building.  I breathed a sigh of relief that this place was nothing like what I would have gotten in China. I took the elevator upstairs where I was told to remove my shoes and presented with gleaming white crocs that matched the spic-n-span room. I had come early and was taken right away as there are many eager dentists waiting to clean teeth. Every part of the place felt clean and professional.

Dr.Khoy Polin, DDS spoke good English and took exceptional care of me. Sometimes this stuff makes me nervous and she was wonderful. I had to have a few fillings replaced (I have terrible enamel on my teeth) and she did all of it without an anesthetic. I requested one at the beginning and she asked me to trust her, it would not hurt… But if I wanted one I could have one. I went without and it turned out fine. The motto on their business card is “Enriches Life Quality” and I do indeed feel that the quality of my life and teeth had been enhanced.

Another benefit of developing world dentistry is the cost. What would have been over $1000 amounted to $95 and the work is of comparable quality. So if you are in Cambodia or happen to be passing through, like myself, I highly recommend Roomchang.