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Roomchang the top destination

Posted 23 August 2013

Through the combined efforts of its many departments, Roomchang Dental Hospital is creating strong demand, both locally and internationally, said its founder, Dr .Tith Hong Yoeu, when he talked to the Post at his hospital last week. “Our expertise is being recognized by clients who visit us, from Australia, Europe and the United States,” he said. “Many clients know Roomchang Dental Hospital because their friends tell them directly about the high-quality services of our dental hospital, which are on par with top dental clinics in developed countries, but substantially less expensive”.

“In some areas of advanced dentistry, it’s possible that Roomchang is even better than dentists in those countries,” Dr. Tith added. “Clients frequently mention that, after they compare the costs of their own countries’ dental hospitals and Roomchang, they have money left over, even after air tickets, accommodation and touring costs are paid.”

“With us, they can undergo substantial dental treatment in Cambodia, as well as visit the Angkor Wat temples.” Clients travel from Australia and Europe . . . they come for family dentistry and also to relax at the Angkor temples with their families.

Dr. Tith said many Khmer dentists are employed at Roomchang and trained to high standards. Consistent training and ongoing education ensures that the standards in dentistry remain high at Roomchang. As Roomchang’s founder, he tries his best to provide the best dental care, using local talent. “Everything here is established, managed and implemented by Khmers, meaning I want to show the world that Khmers are extraordinary. “Our ancestors built the most wonderful Angkor Wat, so we can achieve anything,” he said. “Whenever someone talks about oral health, I would like them to think of Roomchang. Our standards are recognized in Southeast Asia and in many European countries.”

Roomchang benefits with so many satisfied foreign clients, he says. “We try to provide the best dental treatment to all our clients, and by word-of-mouth, they promote our quality services to others around the world.” “Many local expiate clients come on the recommendation of their embassies. For overseas clients, it is on recommendation of their friends and relatives,” he added. “For example, one client – a former dentist and former company director – was so happy with her initial treatment at Roomchang that she also brought her family for treatment on a subsequent visit.” She naturally promoted our dental hospital to people because she was aware, first-hand, of our expertise. “I studied extensively, both locally and internationally in Asia and Europe.

Since early 2000, I traveled around the world to observe real dentists in action and collect knowledge, know-how and expertise for improving dentistry in Cambodia,” said Dr. Tith. He emphasized his goal of increasing the expertise of his dental colleagues as well as the next generation of dentistry students.

Adamant that clients can continue to be confident in Roomchang’s high standards, he insists that many of his dentists will graduate in the next few years with advanced degrees at top universities. Now, six dentists are studying for Masters Degrees at leading universities in Japan and Europe. He reminded the Post that, according to the population density in developed countries (for example, Australia) there is one dentist to every 2,000 people. However, in Cambodia, “there are about 1,000 dentists serving a population of 14 million people, so Cambodia needs more skilled dentists. “In developed countries, people have dental check-ups two times per year because they know that good oral health is consistent with overall health and long life,” Dr. Tith said. “Moreover, European studies found that people with strong oral health are full of energy and are more youthful.”