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Since our establishment in 1996 as a small single chair dental clinic, Roomchang’s dedication to customer care and quality dentistry has enabled us to grow into one of Asia’s stand out dental care providers.

Roomchang in 1996

roomchang in 1996

Roomchang in 2002

Roomchang in 2002

In 2008 the hospital has been consistently awarded the ISO 9001:2008 which is a reflection of the importance we place on maintaining international standards.


Roomchang’s new ten story facility is one of the largest private dental hospitals in Asia, with a patient capacity of 36 dental chairs and 4 surgical theatres. We also have a centralized in-house digital dental Laboratory. In 2014 we opened the second branch at Rose Condo with 10 dental chairs. In 2018 we opened the third branch at AEON MALL Sen Sok City with 5 dental chairs and the fourth branch at PH Euro Park (Borey Peng Huoth Boeng Snor)with 10 dental chairs and 2 surgical room.

As a modern hospital we are operating a fully-integrated digital system that allows us to merge all patient services seamlessly. This allows for a smooth and relaxing patient experience. All our patient records are digitalised and can be taken with you after treatment or sent to your email for your peace of mind.

Roomchang Dental Hospital (Preah Sisowath High School)


Roomchang Rose Condo (Borey Bassac Garden)


Roomchang AEON MALL Sen Sok City Branch (Aeon2)


Roomchang PH Euro Park (In Borey Peng Huoth Beoung Snor)

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