How much will it cost?

Roomchang recognizes that most of our international patients choose us because we provide premium quality dental care at affordable prices. Compared to the prices of dentists in Australia, the US, or other Asian countries you can expect to save up to 70% of the cost of dental treatments without compromising on quality.

All products, materials and equipment Roomchang utilises are manufactured in the US, Japan or Europe and are CE and FDA approved.

Transparency is important to us. If you have any questions about the products and materials we use please don’t hesitate to contact us.

All prices below are given in US Dollars

Treatment types


Price in USD

# of Visits

1. Examinations & Cleaning

General Examination / Consultation / Treatment PlanVisitFree1
Specialized Consultation and Treatment PlanVisit15-251
Cleaning & Polishing Normal with General dentistU&L251
Cleaning & Polishing Medium with General dentistU&L301
Cleaning & Polishing Heavy with General dentistU&L351
Cleaning & Polishing Normal with Senior DentistU&L401
Cleaning & Polishing Medium with Senior DentistU&L451
Cleaning & Polishing Heavy with Senior DentistU&L501
Deep Cleaning Under L.AQuarter301
Fluoride varnishU/L151


X-Ray-Periapical X-Ray61
X-Ray- Bitewing X-Ray61
X-Ray-Panoramic X-Ray171
X-Ray-Cephalomatric X-Ray171
3D CBCT (Cone Beam Computerized Tomography) X-Ray1501

Filling & Aesthetic

Composite Filling (Solare) First SurfaceSurface25-351
Composite Filling (Solare) Next SurfaceSurface15-201
Composite Filling(G-Aenial Universal Flo)Surface351
Composite Filling (G-Aenial Universal Flo) Next SurfaceSurface201
Fissure SealantSurface201
Direct Composite Inlay Surface55-1501
Direct Composite Veneer & Composite Aesthetic Veneer Veneers55-1501
Diastema / Space Closing Tooth70-1501

Teeth Whitening (Beyond whitening system)

Whitening-Chairside Case2501
Whitening-Home Case1501
Whitening-Chairside + Whitening-Home Case3501

Endodontic Dentistry / Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Root Canal Anterior Tooth1502-3
Root Canal Premolar Tooth2002-3
Root Canal molar Tooth250-3002-3
Root Canal Anterior-Redo Case Tooth1802-3
Root Canal Premolar-Redo Case Tooth2302-3
Root Canal Molar-Redo Case Tooth280-3302-3
Root Canal primary teeth Tooth50-801-2

Periodontic Dentistry

Root Planning Under L.A Per Quardrant (Flapless) Quarter501
Root Planning Under L.A per Quardrant (Openflap) Quarter2501


Oral Sedation (Midazolam) Case651
Nitrous Oxide (N2O) first 30minuteTime501
Nitrous Oxide (N2O) next 30minuteTime301

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Test & Diagnosis by Apnealink Plus Apnealink PlusCase200
Oral Appliance Case2000
Orthotic Case4000


Orthodontics consultation (Exclude study model & X-ray)Case251
Specialist consultation for Orthodontic with full analyzingCase1001
Clear Aligners Anterior Correction Upper 3 trays1 set1000
Clear Aligners Anterior Correction Lower 3 trays1 set1000
Clear Aligners Anterior Correction Upper & Lower 3/3 trays1 set1500
Clear Aligners Full Correction Upper 3 trays2 Sets1500
Clear Aligners Full Correction Lower 3 trays2 Sets1500
Clear Aligners Full Correction Upper & Lower 3/3 trays2 Sets2000
Clear Aligners Complicated Full Correction Upper & Lower 3/3 trays3 Sets +3500
Clear Aligners Complicated Full Correction Upper & Lower 3/3 trays (included Metal braces if the case needed)4 Set +4000
Metal Bracket Upper and LowerCase1800-3000
Ceramic Bracket or Tooth-Colored Bracket Upper and LowerCase2100-3500
Lingual Bracket Incognito Upper & LowerCase6500-8000
Lingual Bracket Incognito Upper & Ceramic LowerCase5500-6500
Lingual Bracket Upper&LowerCase6000-7000
Lingual Bracket Upper & Ceramic lowerCase4000-5500
Metal Bracket Post & 6 Ceramic Bracket Anterior Upper&LowerCase2700-3200
Metal Bracket 2 By 4 Two Arch (6-8 Brackets)Case1500-2000
Metal Bracket 2 By 4 One Arch (6-8 Brackets)Case1000-1500
Bite PlaneCase1502
Bite Plane Check-Up Bite PlaneCase40
Expansion Case4002
Expansion Check-Up Case50
Acrylic Night Guard Each2001
Hard Plastic Night Guard ( Upper and Lower : USD$150)Each100
Study Model Each201
Retainer Each1502
Orthodontic Trainer (T4K) Case2001
Orthotain Check-UpCase501
Face MaskCase700
Face Mask Check-upCase50


Post Core (Non Precious Alloy) Each502
Zirconium PostEach1202
Ceramic Fuse to Standard Alloy Crown3002
Zirconium Based Ceramic Crown (Zirconium)Crown5502
All Ceramic E-Max CAD/CAM E4D Crown & Bridges Crown5502
All Ceramic Veneer E-Max CAD/CAM E4D Veneers5502
All Ceramic E-Max CAD/CAM E4D Anterior Aesthetic Crown & Bridge CrownEnquire2
Attachment Key UnitEnquire2
Stainless Steel Crown (Primary Teeth) CrownEnquire1
Composite Crown (Primary Teeth) Composite CrownEnquire1
Partial Denture (No metal Frame) PlateEnquire2-3
Partial Denture (Metal Frame) PlateEnquire2-3
Full Denture PlateEnquire2-3

Oral Surgery

Extraction Primary Tooth ToothEnquire1
Extraction Permanent Tooth ToothEnquire1
Abcess Management ToothEnquire1
Laser Surgery CaseEnquire1
Surgical Removal of Simple Impacted Tooth ToothEnquire1
Surgical Removal of Complicated Impacted Tooth ToothEnquire2
Minor Oral Surgery CaseEnquire1
Major Oral Surgery CaseEnquire1
Bone and Soft Tissue graft (Excludes Materials)CaseEnquire2-3
Sinus Lift (Excludes Materials)CaseEnquire2-3
Gingival Graft with Tissue Harvesting QuarterEnquire1

Implantology (Ankylos Implant System)

Ankylos Implant (Made in Germany)ImplantEnquire2
Metal Ceramic Crown on Implant with Metal Abutment CrownEnquire2
E-Max Crown on Implant with Metal Abutment CrownEnquire2
E-Max Crown on Implant with Zirconium Abutment (Zirconium)CrownEnquire2