This is a 56 year old male, who complained of poor dental function and many missing teeth. He was also unhappy with the appearance of his smile (fig. 3). Large spacing where the teeth are missing is evident in the digital X ray (fig .1)


The patient already had missing teeth #44-48 and #34-38. Tooth #43 was extracted and an immediate implant was placed. A further five implants were placed on #44-47. Four more implants were placed on the opposite side at #34-37 (fig 2). A root canal on #27 was also redone.

The dental implants needed three months to heal and bond with the bone. After three months impressions were made for the 15 full E- max crowns.
After ten days in the lab all 15 crowns were permanently cemented (fig. 4). After treatment he was very pleased with the results.


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