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Top Cambodian dentist credits Germany for training

Posted 3 October 2012

If there’s one dentist in Cambodia that is universally loved and respected, it is Dr. Tith Hongyeou, Director of the Roomchang Dental Hospital, located on No. 4, Street 184 in a new building just off Norodom Boulevard.

When Dr. Tith found out The Phnom Penh Post was doing a Germany National Day report, he contacted us to say what a big difference the German training had made in his life as a dentist. Dr. Tith studied from 2001 to 2003 at the Goethe University in Frankfurt.  Three other Roomchang dentists and also have completed the same German dental certification program.

During the next two years, Dr. Tith and his colleague Dr. Chav Bunhean are both attending the Goethe University’s Master Program during the next two years. “We plan to send more dentists to Germany for higher degree of education and I love to learn from the hard-working culture and passion of attention to detail of German people,” Dr. Tith said.

Dr. Tith says he was honored to receive outstanding training in Germany from world-class mentors, inventors and professors. “The training I received in Germany has given me great abilities to transfer the special bio-mechanical knowledge, equipment, materials and general dental technologies to Roomchang. Germany has helped transform the modern dentistry to my beloved country. Now at Roomchang we are providing the best quality dental services with perfect professional judgment and clinical procedures to every patient. At Roomchang, patients receive the same quality dentistry as in Germany but at a local price.”

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