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Orthodontic 3.0

This patient is 23 year old Cambodian female that was brought to ROOMCHANG by her mother seeking orthodontic treatment.

The patient had severe crowding on teeth #25-15 and #45-35 with Class II malocclusion. Peg shaped lateral teeth (#12 and 22) with palatal eruption and rotation. Teeth #34, 24, 14 and 44 were extracted to make space for the realignment.

The molar teeth were also removed (#18, 28, 38 and 48) to improve functionality and oral hygiene, while contributing to the aesthetic outcome of the treatment including the final profile of the face. Metal brackets were bonded on both the upper and lower teeth. Total treatment time was two and a half years. The final result can be seen in (fig. 4).

The bonded brackets on the upper and lower used to correct alignment and close extraction spaces. (fig 2 and 3)


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