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Dental Implants Price Comparison

One of the most frequent questions our patients ask is why our implants cost much less than comparative treatment in Australia. Many have been told that the materials used are inferior. However, this could not be further from the truth.

Our most popular implant system is Myplant Two from Germany. Internationally renowned as one of the most reliable and stable systems on the market, There are many types of implants, and the prices vary widely. In order to compare prices it is important to know which type of implant you are being quoted for and where it’s from.

Roomchang’s prices are all inclusive, meaning all x-rays, consultation and extra charges are included in the price quoted for the implant & crown.

The actual price of the implant can be broken down into 3 separate parts:

Implant Material Cost

A dental implant is composed of 3 separate parts, a titanium implant, which is surgically embedded in the bone. An abutment, a small piece of metal which screws into the implant to hold the tooth replacement, and a ceramic or metal crown is fixed onto the abutment.


When seeking a quote for an implant, make sure you are being quoted for BOTH of these components and are aware of the type of implant and material used for the crown as well as any extra costs incurred. Roomchang uses high quality Myplant Two Implants System, which is biocompatible, and offers crowns in E-max, ceramic fused to metal, or zirconium.

Laboratory fees

The crown for the tooth has to be manufactured in a dental laboratory, which vary widely in cost. Australian dentists can use a laboratory located in Australia, or outsource the work to a cheaper lab overseas. Regardless of the location, the main factors in the cost of the crown are cost of materials, lab overheads and the laboratories fee.


Roomchang has its own in-house dental laboratory, equipped with state of the art CAD/CAM equipment. Having our own laboratory allows us to cut down on many of the costs involved with making the crown, and overheads such as cost of running and technicians salaries are naturally much lower than they would be in Australia.

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Dentists Fees

Many Australian dentists will tell you that they make little on the procedure, and the price is mainly in materials and laboratory costs. While this is a factor, and dental clinic overheads also contribute to the cost, the fact is Australian dentists are among the most expensive in the world. A look at the Australian Dental Associations 2022 Fee Survey (pdf link) shows us the average hourly rate dentists charge is between 400 and 700 depending on location. One can assume it has only risen since then.

The costs of living are much lower in Cambodia, so our overheads are not as high as dentists overseas. Roomchang is also one of the largest dental hospitals in Asia, and economy of scale further lowers our overheads, allowing us to offer dental implants at a fraction of the cost Australian dentists can.

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