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Gentle and contemporary -The invisible way of teeth correction.


Aligning teeth with aesthetic high-quality splints is an important therapy in modern orthodontics. Especially for treating adults, this concept has proven successful. It provides optimal treatment results along with a very high level of comfort. There is a wide range of applications for the innovative CA® CLEAR ALIGNER splint:



Treatment will provide optimal, precise results in a short span of time.


We recommend CETRON® cleansing powder to care for this product. Please ask your pharmacist.


The aligners can be taken in and out of your mouth quickly and simply at any time (e.g. when you’re eating and brushing your teeth).


In many cases, therapy is more affordable than other treatment options for teeth alignment.


Almost invisible, you can speak and laugh without problems.


The aligners are pleasantly smooth, without brackets or wires.

The 3-Splint-System


Three material thicknesses, worn during 4 weeks for a unique and beautiful smile: With each treatment step, you’ll be wearing 3 splints of different thicknesses.

Thanks to this steady increase in pressure, your teeth are aligned efficiently, yet smoothly and with extraordinary comfort.

For easy distinction, the corresponding degree of hardness is marked on the aligners in the posterior segment.

With confidence an attractive smile

Made of clear-transparent material, CA® CLEAR ALIGNER is almost invisible, and you can speak and smile during the treatment period without any difficulty. This guarantees that your mouth will be comfortable – almost like normal.

You’ll notice when you wear them: the aligners are pleasantly smooth and comfortable, because they don’t require brackets or wires. When you eat and brush your teeth or the aligners, simply take CA® CLEAR ALIGNER out.


The process for ideal treatment results


Talk with your dentist about whether the CA® CLEAR ALIGNER system is the right treatment for you.


The impressions taken from your upper and lower jaws form the exact basis to create the aligners.

Creating the aligners

Computer-controlled production of the aligners takes place in the lab, precisely made just for you.


Your dentist will monitor treatment results regularly while you wear the aligners. For best results, additional impressions of your teeth are taken and new aligners are made.

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